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Not Your Mom's Review Show: A Tipsy Critique of Movies and Television with a Pinch of Sarcasm and a Whole Lotta Love

Welcome to Not Your Mom’s Review Show! We’re a podcast that drinks and knows things (is that trademarked? I don’t know…). Join us for tons of fun as we bring you knowledge about your favorite cheesy movies!

Apr 5, 2019

Hey Nachos!

Nikki and Sher are taking the summer off. The main reason is that we need a break. The secondary reason is that when we first started this podcast, we had no idea if we'd keep doing it, or if our format would stick, or what our publishing schedule would look like. Basically, we had no idea what we were doing. We still don't, but we're going to take this opportunity to strategize and come back more efficient and consistent.

We'll be back sometime in August. In the meantime, it would be SO AWESOME if you'd subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, etc. A review would be just the bees knees, while you're at it. And subscribing means that you'll know as soon as we're back up and running!

Here's a few of the more popular places to subscribe (not an exhaustive list by any means):

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We love, you Nachos!